Yet Another Sub-Genre Is Born

It's said that San Francisco is a hotbed of creativity, but there's probably a degree of overkill, what with every new self-styled artist coming along and creating their own self-described new spin on what is probably just another rehash of everything we've already heard. Well folks, I'm sorry to report that a fellow from Daly City has further muddled things up by throwing his hat in the ring as a "Purveyor of the Song-Play Arts." Isn't that just a fancy way to say, "DeeJay"? "No, not at all", says Buzz Brooks, the arts criminal in question. "What I mean is, 'Song-Play' is just a euphemism for 'song-based playfulness'." It figures he'd try to weasel his way around criticism by throwing out a big word like that. Gosh, some of these nouveau purveyors are just incorrigible! --- (submitted by Billy Ossitete).

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