In the pre-Launch Countdown 

Hey out there in funny music land! I've been adding new material to my (live performance) book, and am out there at the open mics and sit-ins. Sometimes you can catch me at the 7-Mile House in Brisbane, or the Sheba Lounge on Fillmore, or Martunis at Market and Valencia. By popular request, I'm adding material without changing the lyrics much, giving the Weird Al approach a brief rest. I never know in advance when I'll be at those places, but I will start making the rounds soon. Drop me a mail, let's talk.


Good morning, oh ye wanderers! Just thought I'd post a note, that I'm working on my charts, so that I may finally be able to start singing with the trios and quartets at various brick-and-mortar jazz venues. I'll start with open mics, and hope to get my own gigs after that. Anything significant, I'll post on Facebook. I'm at See you in the clubs!

The Kabaret Kab is In Business! 

Hi folks! I recently got my own taxicab medallion here in San Francisco, and am now running the Kabaret Kab every Thurs., Fri., and Sat. night. A good time is had by all, and, you can take home a CD, complete with live kabaret performance by yours truly! To see a You Tube of the Kabaret Kab experience, go to the LINKS page here and click on the You Tube link. Thanks, and I hope to see you in my taxi soon!

Have You Been Busked By Buzz? 

Have You Been Busked By Buzz? If you have had the occasion to ride in a taxi in San Francisco within the last seven years, chances are you have been busked by Buzz! He sang crazy songs to you. Perhaps you bought the CD! In any event, whoever you are, busked or not, PLEASE add your name to my email list (which I do not share), so that you can know when and where I will be performing. Just click on the "JOIN" button under my picture. Thanks!

My Space, of Course 

Yes, it's all the rage....point your browser to for more fun and games!

Downloads Available! 

Yes, any and all tracks are available on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon, etc.! For iTunes, go to:


Hi there folks of all stripes. I still have CDs, and it is available on CD But since I lose $ on every CD Baby sale I prefer you get it directly from me. You can get one by sending a $15 PayPal payment to As soon as I get it, I will SHIP IT FREE. Or you could mail a $15 money order to Buzz Brooks 62 Robinson Dr. Daly City CA 94014 Thanks!

Yet Another Sub-Genre Is Born 

It's said that San Francisco is a hotbed of creativity, but there's probably a degree of overkill, what with every new self-styled artist coming along and creating their own self-described new spin on what is probably just another rehash of everything we've already heard Well folks, I'm sorry to report that a fellow from Daly City has further muddled things up by throwing his hat in the ring as a "Purveyor of the Song-Play Arts." Isn't that just a fancy way to say, "DeeJay"? "No, not at all", says Buzz…Read more